Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deeds Of Yore Update!

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been contacting the outside world very much the last couple of months regarding "Deeds Of Yore".  To anyone who has been sitting at the edge of their seat wondering what's going on I sincerely apologize.  So, here's the scoop... I am pushing back the release date of the last episode of the first season (Episode 15 "End Side A")  from August 1st, to sometime in September.  As you already know, I've had to change drastically the presentation of the second half of the first season.  At the same time, I also need to re-create the first half of the series in a compilation for new viewers, because I was forced to take down the first 13 episodes due to a split with one of the co-creators.  "Deeds Of Yore" is by no means all me.  A small team of dedicated artists support this series with their talent, and we have added some new blood recently so that we can take Season 2 to a new level (no pun intended). All this means we need a little more time to develop the story to it's full potential.  If I don't post for the next couple of weeks, it's because I'm busy on this exciting next phase of Deeds.  Oh, and the contest is still on!  Your artwork will be judged and a winner announced before the release of Episode 15, so stay tuned.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A message from Robita.

Friends, fans, and everyone else,

Tonight I present to you the first in a two part ending to the first volume of the "Deeds Of Yore" saga.  The last two episodes are not presented as an end to the story, but rather the beginning of a new adventure in Yore starting January 1st 2013.  I did not intend my story to take this twist but, like all good works of art, it is the creation that decides the course it will take and not the creator.  I am extremely excited to take all of you down this new and even more exciting road in the Land Of Yore.  So stay up late (if you're in my timezone), kick back, relax, and enjoy "Deeds Of Yore Level 14, TheTop".


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rags to Riches, the best game in town...

I wanted to make "Rags To Riches" the Game-a-day #1, however, because of changes that I had to make on "Deeds Of Yore", and the time involved in making them my Game-a-day got off track.  I'm still heavy on the "Deeds Of Yore" work, and the new episode will be out this Sunday July 1st.  So, while I don't have time right now to post a lot on the blog, I still want to feature what I consider the best computer game of all time.  Yes, it's a bold statement, but for me it's true.  There is no other game that I have ever played that is so complete in it's creativity, simplicity and fun. "Rags" is creative... You play a bum, a hobo down on his luck.  How many games are about being a hobo?  Anyhow, the point of the game is to make a million bucks starting with two dollars ten cents, a subway ticket, two bottles and a bone.  Game play is the American dream in 8 bit.  It's simple to play... Keep your rest and food and or alcohol meters up, collect bottles for their recycling value, ride the subway to different parts of town, avoid the cops, robbers, and when you get a little in the bank, the IRS.  You can't get a job without a haircut or if you are drunk, you need to get an education to get a better job, and eventually if you play your cards right you will get that one million.  I have finished this game and <Spoiler Alert!>, nothing happens when you win... You just win, and you can keep playing, but there is little point.  I can still play this game over and over, and never get tired of it.  Maybe it's that it mirrors life so well, or perhaps it's just that hope it brings that an 8 bit hobo can be a millionaire. Whatever it is, I think "Rags To Riches" is magical.  It's an unknown masterpiece.  A timeless tale of making something out of nothing.

Rags to Riches on Gamebase64

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Deeds Of Yore, down a new road.

I'm back!  And so is "Deeds Of Yore".  I apologize for the information blackout the last two weeks, but it was unavoidable.  Deeds is a collaboration of many people (as you can see in the credits at the end of each episode).  Although it is a simple animated series there is a lot of work that goes into each episode.  Collaborative efforts like Deeds are often subject to the  opinions or moods of their creators.  Due to some creative differences in my team I will not be presenting "Deeds Of Yore" as I had intended  (in a second half of 12 episodes).  I will be presenting you with two last episodes that will  complete the "Yore" saga.  Don't fret, although, there are only two episodes remaining, I am setting things up to continue the story in a second season.  I am very excited about this second season, as it extends the story, and opens the land of Yore to amazing possibilities.  So here's the Schedule for the last two episodes...

July 1st, 2012   - We post Episode 14

August 1st, 2012 - We post Episode 15 (The final episode of season 1)

Season two is already under development.  I will announce it's release date, and start posting previews ASAP.  It's not easy making an independent animated web series, but I want to thank all the supportive fans of "Deeds Of Yore" for their words of encouragement and for watching my series.  I look forward to taking all of you on a new adventure soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Fiends and Fans of Deeds Of Yore,

If you've been reading the blog you know that I've been a little down in the dumps this last week.  Several problems arose in my life and in the production of "Deeds Of Yore".  I will not be able to update the blog for a week or so, and the release of the second half of the series may have a slight delay.  I have been overwhelmed by the support and fantastic comments and interactions I have received from all of you, and I am still working toward bringing you  the second half of the series as promised.  Please Stand By... Thanks,


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Abandonia Treasures #24...Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony

Whoa dude, the review of this game on Abandonia calls it "ahead of it's time"... Yes, I could not have said it better.  It's not only ahead of it's time, but it's freaking weird as hell.  It's got a sort of spiritual theme to it what with the yin yang and all. I dunno, I'll be honest, I didn't play it enough to fully understand it, and it's not the type of game that you can just start playing because it's very unique.  I think it's worth a good long investigation.  I never played "Moebius" when I was a kid, but I remember it was in a hint book I had (I still have it), called "The Quest For Clues".  It was a compilation of several popular RPG and adventure game walkthroughs, in the pre-internet days when you couldn't just find the answers to your games and you had to actually buy an expensive book.  I guess they still sell the strategy guides, but I have no idea who buys them, well I did buy one for a NDS Zelda game six or so years ago, so I guess the people who buy them still are people like me who miss the good old days of books.  Anyway, you don't need a book to get the walkthrough for "Moebius", Abandonia has it right on the page with the game.  Okay, so I didn't talk about the game very much here, but you can try it for yourself.

Moebius on Abandonia

Game-a-day #20...LA Drugs Bust.

Like I said yesterday, I'm a little down in the dumps, but this game gave me a good laugh in spite of it all.  First off it's called "LA Drugs Bust", Yes "Drugs Bust"... That's funny enough, but then play the game and you'll be rolling on the floor.  I'm an LA (Los Angeles) native, so already it's cool that this game takes place in my city.  I think it's awesome that LA is depicted as filled with street crime, and automatic weapons.  It's a regular turkey shoot game, that is, you have a cross hair and shoot targets as the field of view changes. I always liked this type of game for some reason, because it's so low commitment I guess, you just shoot stuff and move on.  "Drugs Bust" has old ladies who walk along the street in the midst of a firefight (I have no idea why an old lady would do this).  Don't shoot the old ladies, because they are linked to your health (also not sure why that is).  Anyhow, I guess the story line must be that a drug gang has taken over the streets of LA and now you must clean them up...  Hahahahaha!  See, it's so funny it's hard to do anything but laugh out loud.  Thank the creator for this awesome game.

LA Drugs Bust on Gamebase64